Who is this document for?

This case study is written for professionals in retail organizations in a variety of verticals who are involved with retail technology solutions, particularly in the areas of demand forecasting and replenishment. This may include senior executives, information technology, merchants, finance, and more.

What will I learn about?

For outdoor enthusiasts in the United Kingdom, GO Outdoors is a one-stop shop for the best and largest selection of camping, skiing, water sports and fishing gear, carrying over 25,000 individual products in stores that average 40,000 square feet. Growth had impeded GO Outdoors’ ability to accurately produce forecasts, and the sole use of Microsoft Excel led to hit-or-miss forward ordering. As a result, the company suffered from lost sales and a poor mix of products on
the store shelves. In addition, GO Outdoors relied on its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to handle its replenishment needs, which hindered the company’s ability to ensure the right products were delivered to the right locations at the right time.

In this Mi9 Retail customer success story, you will learn about how Mi9 Retail helped GO Outdoors:

  • improve product mix at the store level
  • enhance forecast accuracy
  • reduce stock-outs
  • and much more.