At Mi9 Retail, our solutions have evolved over the years to deliver the features leading retailers truly want, and that’s because our software has been designed in close collaboration with our customers, incorporating real-life retail experience. What’s more, we don’t branch code, so when one customer requests a new feature, that feature is incorporated into future releases, and the whole Mi9 Retail customer community benefits.

Because our software is so feature-rich, many retailers configure and use it out-of-the-box, with no custom development needed, keeping project costs low. However, if you are looking to add a feature that we don’t already offer, our in-house development team can enhance the code base to meet your needs.



Retail is always changing, and so is our software! We are passionate about keeping on the forefront of retail trends and technology, and are constantly evolving our solutions to help retailers excel. We also love working closely with our customers to design and develop new features, enabling them to create exceptional retail experiences.

During the business process analysis, we will conduct at the beginning of any new project, our Business Analysts will also assist you in identifying any potential gaps, and in the design of solutions to address these needs.


To deliver great omni-channel retail experiences, your various systems must interact smoothly with each other. We have designed a set of Web APIs that facilitate the task of integrating Mi9 Retail and third-party systems for retailers who prefer to do the work themselves, however, sometimes a little extra help is needed. When that’s the case, we work with our customers to define the ideal source and location of data. Key aspects of integration such as data integrity, duplication, and latency for each data type are studied carefully in every project. We address data requirements while also optimizing for usability, as well as solution and network performance.

When it comes to integrating with third-party hardware devices, we have you covered there as well, with an experienced team of professionals in a wide variety of system interfaces and peripheral devices ranging from scanners to printers, POS terminals, mobile devices, EMV and contactless payment devices, and many more.