Post-Cutover Support

We’ve analyzed your business and made recommendations. You’ve selected Mi9 Retail software and evaluated your functionality requirements and customization options. Together, we’ve made decisions based on your vertical, your business goals, and your budget. Following the successful implementation of your software, we will continue to support you and are available to answer questions and troubleshoot issues, perform updates, increase user capabilities, and add additional functionality as required.

Online Issues Management Portal

Mi9 Retail offers software support on a 24/7 basis, around the globe via telephone and web support channels. A secure web-based support service allows Mi9 Retail customers to log support tickets or questions and track the status of reported issues. This portal delivers complete transparency with regards to issues tracking: both the customer and Mi9 Retail can view the status of the issue at any time, and can add relevant notes or updates where needed. All support requests created in our online issues management portal are automatically recorded and tracked.

Account Management

Your account manager will act as your main point of contact in your ongoing business relationship with Mi9 Retail after the successful completion of your implementation project. Your account manager can assist with recommending solutions and services that can help you maximize your return on investment and meet your business’ evolving needs.


System Audits

Once initial training has taken place and users are adopting the new solutions in their day-to-day activities, it’s a great idea to perform periodic audits with Mi9 Retail solution specialists to ensure that users are getting the most out of the system. During a system audit, the Mi9 Retail team performs an in-depth analysis of your current business processes, challenges, and capabilities as well as an assessment of the current use of existing application functionality.

Using this methodology, we look for opportunities to help make your processes more efficient, to institutionalize the best practices appropriate to your goals, and to make the best use of your Mi9 Retail solutions. Along with our system assessment, we will recommend and provide customized training so that the users of your system can operate with maximum effectiveness.