Enterprise Software Fit for Sporting Goods Retail

Mi9 Retail Software
As a sporting goods retailer, your systems need to be in top shape to keep pace with a tighter, leaner, fast-paced industry. You need to prepare your stores proactively for the next generation of equipment, while simultaneously planning for upcoming seasons of apparel and footwear and maintaining a seamless omni-channel experience for customers.
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“After researching the market for a comprehensive POS solution that could meet our unique requirements, we selected Mi9 Retail. We were impressed with their agility and commitment to innovation as they clearly mapped their capabilities to our retail technology transformation objectives. The Mi9 Retail solution provides us with a modern technology platform, and its customer-centric and omni-channel retailing functionality will empower us to adapt to our customers’ ever-changing needs and expectations.”
– Director of Organization and Information Systems, GO Sport

From Balls to Bikes and Beyond

Mi9 Retail provides sporting goods retailers with the right tools to manage this dynamic market. We enable you to easily manage and classify a wide range of inventory item types, ranging from balls, race bikes and camping equipment to athletic apparel and accessories. We provide careful insight into your stock rotation so that you know when to restock fast moving items and when to reduce stagnant inventory. Gain valuable customer insight and suggest relevant up-sells and cross-sells based on historic and current purchases as you engage customers across channels.

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