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Mi9 Retail Software
Modern shoppers switch health and beauty brands constantly, often responding to the latest trends fueled by social media or celebrity endorsements. This makes relationship building and customer service more critical than ever.
Mi9 Retail customer engagement solutions like CRM and Clienteling are the perfect companion to your beauty advisors, equipping them with tools like surveys and wishlists to personalize the shopping experience and help health and beauty retailers proactively engage customers.
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A Holistic View of Your Business

Mi9 Retail delivers centralized retail management solutions that enable a holistic view of your health and beauty merchandise, stores, and customers. Our merchandise management and retail analytics solutions put you in complete control of your inventory, ensuring the right products are at the right place, at the right time so that your customers can immediately access the items they want.

What’s more, our attribute-based search enables associates to locate items based on ingredients, product benefits, brands, colors, and other product attributes. Our integrated order management module enables the endless aisle, allowing customers to order from wherever they want (online, in-store) and ship wherever is most convenient.

A Brighter Path to Purchase

Our customer engagement solutions enhance the shopping experience at every step of the path to purchase and leverage real-time visibility into customers’ omni-channel activities. Mi9 Retail provides fully integrated, centralized solutions to deliver the seamless customer experience needed for your multi-store, multi-banner cosmetics or fragrance retail operation to succeed on a local or global scale.

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