A Well-Constructed Retail System

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Hardline retailers need a system that is as durable as the products they sell. Due to the long intervals between purchase times for the average hard good, you need the right tools to engage your clients and handle the depth and breadth of a large assortment of product classes and item types.
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“The Mi9 Retail team assessed our current infrastructure and demonstrated the positive ROI we will experience after converting to the cloud, making the decision an easy one. We trust Mi9 Retail as our partner, and we are a big believer in cloud computing and the SaaS model.”
– VP of IT, Aubuchon Hardware

Learn what Aubuchon Hardware, the oldest family-owned and managed hardware store chain in America, loves about Mi9 Retail.

Mobile Solutions for Hardline Retailers

With Mi9 Retail, you can analyze your SKUs down to the most granular details and proactively make decisions based on historical performance and trends, ensuring your products are where they need to be at the right time. Additionally, the suite offers mobile POS, mobile inventory management, contractor business management, and much more. Mi9 Retail brings the power of the back office and front office into a single integrated solution, providing clear insight and intelligence to accurately assess the status of your business.

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