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Actionable Analytics

Moving from insight to action no longer requires you to manipulate massive spreadsheets and re-key data into different systems. Integrated with your operational systems, Mi9 Intelligence enables you to immediately initiate a markdown on overstocked inventory or create a targeted CRM marketing list for outreach to your most profitable customers.

Predictive Analytics

The recommendation engine delivers intelligent, personalized, predictive product suggestions that really sell. When provided with transactional retail data, statistical models and machine learning are applied to drive product recommendations via collaborative filtering, market basket analysis, and product affinity.

Customer-Centric Analytics

Understand your customers’ behaviors over time to more effectively map their buyer journeys. Identify and segment your customers by their propensity to buy, incorporating demographic, geographic, psychographic, and social data to launch more effective campaigns.

Role-Specific Dashboards Designed for Retailers

Based on years of successful implementations and input from Mi9 Retail customers, Mi9 Intelligence includes pre-built dashboards and KPI reports designed for specific roles in your retail organization, including: executives, merchandising, store operations, marketing, loss prevention, IT, e-commerce, and more.

Enterprise-Grade BI

Mi9 Intelligence provides the power of enterprise analytics and governed self-service data discovery. The solution is available via SaaS or on-premises license, but either way, the in-memory schema design ensures maximum performance and optimal response time, even for big data analytics.

Your Newest KPI: Aha Moments Per Day

Mi9 Intelligence alleviates the burden of assembling data and pulling reports so you can get to those “aha” moments faster. The tool allows you to view summary information on a single page, visualize complex patterns and data relationships, and double-click into the details seamlessly.

“Advanced analytics is the technology most retailers believe will change their organizations over the next five years.”
-Gartner 2017 CIO Agenda: A Retail Perspective

Get Smart. Really Smart.

Whether you’re a junior buyer or a senior executive, a complete and robust data warehouse ensures that everyone has access to pinpoint accurate metrics. This means that everyone is speaking the same language, creating an incredible opportunity to take the immediate action needed to get ahead of the latest trends.

Prevent Fraud and Shrink

Mi9 Intelligence includes a retail loss prevention analytics library comprised of grids, graphs, and interactive dashboards allowing users to quickly detect, investigate, and reduce losses from fraud and non-compliance.
Retail Analytics
Retail Analytics

Sell the Right Product at the Right Price

An end-to-end pricing solution that enables expeditious and intelligent pricing decisions to be performed via proactive price monitoring and alerting. Compare similar products, competitors, dates, and prices over time to better understand your pricing position in the marketplace.
“The Daybook and Stock Ledger from Mi9 Retail is a remarkable product. It does what no other product can do. It offers a daily ledger of activity maintained by SKU/Store/Day allowing you to take action at a granular level.”
– Director of Retail Systems, Eileen Fisher
Retail Analytics

Ready. Set. Action!

Whether you’re visually segmenting customer big data, determining drivers for your campaigns, or analyzing the social trends of your consumers and customers, the actionable analytics of Mi9 Intelligence allow you to extract key customer information and execute critical tasks in a heartbeat.
You can automatically aggregate data from social media accounts and import it directly into an open dashboard to explore how your customers are engaging with your products and marketing campaigns. Discover a new segment you need to track, or identify your most profitable cross-channel customers who have yet to discover your latest product.
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