Built-In Allocation Engine

Sophisticated grading, profiling, and min/max rules determine the optimal quantity of product to ship to each store. Localized size profiles spread quantities across sizes to determine the actual SKU/store allocations.

Smarter Replenishment

Offers comprehensive tools to replenish store inventory from both warehouses and vendors, and to replenish warehouses from vendors. Incorporates sophisticated grading and forecasting rules as well as statistical techniques for determining safety stock levels based on service level targets.

Trade Promotions

Whether it’s discounts and/or allowances applied to purchase orders, return-to-vendor agreements, rebates based on sales, purchases, or obsolete models on hand, or credit memos in support of markdowns, Mi9 Retail provides the tools to keep retailers competitive.

Enterprise Resource Planning

All of the information generated as a result of transaction processing is immediately fed to the Intelligence data warehouse providing one source of the truth.  Our ERP solution brings order to the chaos so that retail merchants, operations, and financial personnel can access this central data repository for the critical decision-making information needed to effectively run the business, all in real-time.

Inventory Daybook

The daybook provides precise reporting for merchants and ensures that other business processes such as planning, allocation, and replenishment are accurately supported. Because everything is recorded at the detail level, it is easy to track under stocks, overstocks, and out of stocks and provide accurate margin calculations, including the ability to correct costs, margins, and even cost of goods sold, with one entry.

Integrated Sales Audit

Eliminate the need for manual sales reconciliations by automatically identifying incorrect, missing, duplicate, or suspicious data or transactions and resolve errors prior to exporting the data to third-party financial systems.

Pricing, Your Way

The flexible pricing and promotions module enables local, regional and national prices and promotions. From BOGO to mix-and-match, we dare you to dream up a promotion we can’t handle!

The sophisticated promotions management module works seamlessly with Mi9 Mosaic Point of Sale or any third-party tool, supporting an array of deals including BOGO, Mix & Match, tiered and quantity discounts, gift card rewards, dynamic promotion families that can update themselves, and many more.
MM 02 3 - Merchandise Management
MM 03 4 - Merchandise Management

Your Most Efficient Warehouse, Ever

Whether you’re ready to step up to flow-through and cross-dock techniques or you’re using your warehouse for seasonal storage, the integrated warehouse management module enables efficient merchandise flow. Intelligent order fulfillment features enable you to maximize efficiency, control costs, while still delighting your customers with the goods they want, when and where they want them.

Master Your Data with MDM

The master data management module streamlines the maintenance of huge volumes of information and offers merchandise, enterprise, and vendor dimensions complete with multiple hierarchies to simplify the data entry process and improve data accuracy.  The vendor database removes the complexity from vendor management with a central repository that contains all the information about vendors and vendor products.
Additionally, by tailoring data and access to a defined group of products, the solution supports category management at any level of the product hierarchy and/or a defined set of attributes, as well as specific channels or selling locations as desired. This gives users unparalleled flexibility and control in managing the life of the product from concept to supplier management, procurement, visual merchandising and planograms, and distribution.
merchant 05 - Merchandise Management
merchant 06 - Merchandise Management

Purchasing with Power

The integrated purchasing module lets users create and manage purchase orders and contracts seamlessly. Multiple orders can be opened, closed, or canceled and authorized or unauthorized via a central PO management console. Customer orders can also be managed with traditional, vendor, and store fulfillment options.

Gain Control of Your Finances

With comprehensive inventory management capabilities at both the store and warehouse levels, the ability to support either the cost or retail methods of accounting within a single installation, the capacity for automatic, pre-pay/letter of credit, or multiple receipts invoice matching, and provisions for extensive sales audit functions, Mi9 Retail provides you with exceptional financial control and superior auditability.
MM 04 1 - Merchandise Management

Boost Productivity with Mobile Inventory Management

All types of inventory movement are managed more efficiently and accurately, in real time, at the store level, or in the warehouse using iOS devices or rugged handheld terminals.

Retailers can even fulfill e-commerce customer orders from the store or warehouse with the web-based Store Portal or iMerchant. Additional functionality includes purchase order receipts, inventory status changes, transfer shipments, SKU inquiries, as well as transfer receipts.