Mi9 CRM is integrated with the suite of Mi9 Retail customer engagement and store operations solutions, providing a complete toolkit for building great retail experiences.

Delivers Rapid ROI

Mi9 CRM delivers rapid ROI with tools to capture and retain the best customers, increase basket size and shopping frequency, and improve overall loyalty.

A Holistic View of the Customer

Mi9 CRM leverages real-time omni-channel data for a holistic view of customers’ behaviors, preferences, and profile.

Built for Retail

This CRM solution was built with the specific needs of retailers in mind, with support for clustering customers around product categories, shopper behaviors, and demographics.

Bundled with Loyalty

The built-in loyalty program module enables you to run your own white-label loyalty program with multiple tiers, card types, rewards, redemption events, and much more.

Boosts Productivity

Boost productivity by automating marketing communications and customer service and by proactively alerting stores about upcoming marketing events.

Create Great Experiences

Delight your customers with the rewards they truly want. A centralized database manages multiple loyalty card types, point events, rewards, and more. You can even develop tiers-based programs to nurture your most valuable customers in a way that sets them apart from the crowd.

Improve Sales and Margins

Improve stock movement and achieve higher margins by avoiding markdowns and promotions with intelligent cross-selling and up-selling tools that target customers with a high propensity to buy.
“Mi9 Retail targets and understands luxury retail. They are the best suited vendor in the market to offer us a full solution suite that supports a jeweler’s end-to-end business requirements.”
– Chief Operating Officer, London Jewelers

Build Customer Loyalty

Target the right customers with the right products, at the right time, every time, with targeted, personalized, relationship-based marketing. Obtain an omni-channel view of customer behavior, enabling you to accurately identify your most profitable customers. The solution provides you with the power to plan and execute multi-channel, multi-stage marketing campaigns. Integrated CRM marketing analytics provide you with a means to easily track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by comparing sales to actual responses. Your marketing strategies can be continually refined based on the collection and analysis of data from campaign results.