Footwear-Focused Retail Software

Mi9 Retail Software
Footwear retailers have specific requirements such as support for sizes, colors, styles, and widths that demand footwear-focused functionality. Therefore, as the retail landscape becomes increasingly competitive, footwear retailers must look for efficient ways to manage inventory with solutions tailored to their complex merchandise management needs.
“We want our customers to experience us as one brand, regardless of how they choose to shop and buy. When we saw the Mi9 Clienteling solution and how it connected to the merchandising system, CRM, and in-store system, we were sold.
– Chief Executive Officer, Peter Sheppard

The Right Fit for Your Footwear Retail Business

Mi9 Retail solutions for footwear provide the functionality you need to allocate the right product and the right size to the right location. By offering product definition capabilities for up to four variants such as size, width, color, material, and support for case packs, our solution enables you to accurately allocate styles to the right store. In addition, you can also capture and analyze data to respond to the diversity of stores based on demographics, climate, and geography.

Featured Footwear Retail Customers: