Project Management

Because changing retail systems affects your business in so many ways, effective project management is a critical component of a successful implementation. Our PMI-certified project managers are hand-selected for each customer engagement according to the unique requirements of the project. Skilled, trained, and process-oriented, our project managers provide the guidance needed to ensure success.

Business Analysis

Our business analysts act as a liaison between your team and ours to elicit, analyze, communicate, and validate requirements for changes to business processes, policies, and, if necessary, our software. They are functional experts on each Mi9 Retail application and are responsible for managing the business side of an active project, with a primary focus on system configuration, cultural change, and training.

Our business analysts understand challenges that your organization faces and can highlight opportunities for improvement and growth. They recommend solutions that enable you to achieve your goals.


Solution Architect

Solution architects play an integral part of the project team as they develop enterprise level solutions that integrate across applications, systems, and platforms. The solution architect is a specialist in analyzing clients’ system requirements for the implementation of the Mi9 Retail product suite, suggesting business processes and defining implementation deployment strategies. Once the business requirements are fully revealed, the solution architect will translate the business and technical requirements into an architectural blueprint that outlines solutions to achieve business objectives.

System Configuration

Mi9 Retail solutions are designed to be highly configurable, to adapt easily to a variety of retail verticals, business models, and workflows.

Our implementation team will document your proposed configuration after discussing your business requirement needs and will assist your team in configuring your system.

“Thanks to the ease of implementation, advanced architecture and superior functionality, Mi9 Retail will be able to support the needs of our growing retail business in clubs and offer new opportunities for expanding e-commerce.”
– Senior Director, Retail, 24 Hour Fitness


Effective training helps ensure that your employees are fully prepared to utilize the new software, understand how new procedures may affect their business areas, and learn how the system enables them to create great retail experiences.

Our subject matter experts can tailor their approach to meet your requirements, including offering train-the-trainer sessions, one-on-one coaching, and classroom training at your desired location or one of our global offices. We also offer remote training, instructional videos, and instructional software for some of our solutions.

Change Management

Effective change needs buy-in from the top down, so successful change management begins with understanding the goals and objectives of an implementation, as well as defining the key performance indicators that will be used to assess the success of a project.

Once there is alignment throughout the organization on the goals and objectives of the change, our team will work with you to configure and optimize your new software to address these unique requirements. We can coach your project team on change management strategy involving how and what to communicate, how to train new users effectively, and how to monitor success.