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As a specialty retailer, you may find yourself competing for the same customer base as department stores, online marketplaces, and even websites across the globe. Therefore, you must remain flexible in pricing and product mix. To stay competitive, you need to create great shopping experiences with smarter, more accurate data and the business intelligence from an integrated solution to make faster and wiser business decisions.
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“ABC Fine Wine & Spirits has seen a decrease in our inventory costs through the ability to have our orders go from the JustEnough solutions directly to our vendors, lowering our warehousing costs. Our time spent on replenishment has dramatically reduced since using JustEnough because it takes all of the Excel spreadsheets and the manual work out of replenishment.”
– Pricing and Inventory Analyst, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

Learn why ABC Fine Wine & Spirits has been using the JustEnough demand management solutions for the last eight years.

Personalize the Path to Purchase

Regardless of size and scope, Mi9 Retail empowers specialty retail shops to continue delivering the personalized service they are known for while utilizing advanced technology to better manage inventory and truly understand customers. Integrated customer engagement tools, such as CRM and Clienteling, equip specialty retailers with the ability to personalize the path to purchase and delight their customers with better service.

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