Who is this document for?

This ROI impact study, conducted with Hobson & Company (H&C), is for decision-makers in large retail organizations who are responsible for building the business case for transitioning from a legacy or homegrown Merchandising system to an automated, integrated, and intelligent merchandising platform.

What will I learn about?

Hobson & Company (H&C), a leading research firm focused on return on investment and total cost of ownership studies, worked with Mi9 Retail to explore how leading retailers are addressing common Merchandising System challenges. H&C conducted independent research consisting of in-depth interviews with Mi9 Retail customers and found that Mi9 solutions addressed customer challenges and delivered quick, measurable results with a high return on investment, including:

  • 10% increase in revenue growth attributable to Mi9
  • 20% increase in pricing administration efficiency
  • 30% increase in accounts payable invoice matching efficiency

This research study highlights examples of validated operational and business benefits that can be realized with Mi9 solutions.

Hobson merchant - Mi9 Business Case: Optimizing Performance Through Modern Merchandising