Learn what Aubuchon Hardware, the oldest family-owned and managed hardware store chain in America, loves about Mi9 Retail in this short testimonial video.

CEO Will Aubuchon shares how Mi9 Retail has helped Aubuchon Hardware become more productive, better utilize data, and deliver seamless customer experiences across channels, including their 105 stores in New England and upstate New York.

Mi9 Retail merchandise management and business intelligence solutions enable Aubuchon Hardware to:
  • Aggregate data and make it accessible across all applications in real-time
  • Better utilize data to make the shopping experience convenient and seamless
  • Sync inventory information and customer loyalty program across all platforms and channels
  • Deliver a better digital and physical experience
“We, as a company, have to find ways to become more productive, and the best leverage we have is figuring out how to better utilize data. It’s essential to our ongoing survival. Our commitment to innovation and technology began with Mi9 in 1999… we’re trying to make it as easy as possible and convenient as possible to shop at Aubuchon Hardware.” – Will Aubuchon, CEO