Mi9 Retail End-to-End Unified Retail Suite

Sell The Way Your Customers Buy

Retail and technology are becoming increasingly intertwined. Customers are in control over how, when, and where they shop, and no two customer journeys are the same. Customers demand easy, personalized shopping experiences, and fast and expert service. The Mi9 Retail unified retail suite enables retailers to sell the way your customers buy and maximize these selling opportunities throughout the customer lifecycle. 

81% of retailers plan to have unified commerce within three years. (BRP)

Mi9 offers retailers a unified retail suite of software that has advanced analytics at the core. The unified suite allows Mi9 Retail customers to manage all points of purchase effectively while optimizing the performance of the entire retail network.

Cloud-based. Mobile. Modern.

Our customer engagement platform incorporates point of sale, clienteling, and unified order management tools that equip retailers to deliver the seamless omni-channel experiences today’s customers demand. Unlike traditional point of sale vendors that only focus on the physical store, we have broadened our platform so that it seamlessly bridges the physical store experience with the highly personalized, data-rich, digital experience.
POS 02 6 - Mi9 Retail End-to-End Unified Retail Suite
“After researching the market for a comprehensive POS solution that could meet our unique requirements, we selected Mi9 Retail. We were impressed with their agility and commitment to innovation as they clearly mapped their capabilities to our retail technology transformation objectives. The Mi9 Retail solution provides us with a modern technology platform, and its customer-centric and omni-channel retailing functionality will empower us to adapt to our customers’ ever-changing needs and expectations.”
– Director of organization and information systems, Go Sport
EC 01 2 - Mi9 Retail End-to-End Unified Retail Suite

B2B. D2C. 1000+ Features out of the Box.

Our e-Commerce platform is a complete solution for D2C and B2B e-Commerce, including OMS, CMS, CRM, and more. It has been developed over more than 20 years and the solution has processed over 1 billion in sales. The e-Commerce platform is true multi-tenant SaaS and it is available as a standalone solution or integrated with the full Mi9 Retail unified commerce suite. It includes advanced marketing tools, supports mobile sites, and includes integrated OMS functionality.
“It’s crucial that our business systems operate flawlessly during these sales periods and the Mi9 e-Commerce platform did just that. We implemented new functionality on our mobile site to enhance the mobile user experience and it has helped us continue to increase order volume and order value. In fact, on the first day of the event, mobile conversion was over 10%, up 37% compared to last year. Amazing!”
– CEO, Tea Collection

Built on Business Intelligence. Centralized Database. Driven by Data.

Our merchandise management system was conceived with retail analytics at its core. Old style merchandising systems were created to support the execution of certain business processes. Analytics, or the ability to derive value from the underlying data, were an afterthought at best. Most merchandising solutions only offer an analytics package as an add-on solution with cobbled-together integrations and flat-file interfaces. Mi9 Merchant was designed from day one with analytics in mind. Mi9 Merchant is the only merchandising system developed from the ground up to include a fully-integrated business intelligence system.
MM 04 1 - Mi9 Retail End-to-End Unified Retail Suite
RA 01 2 - Mi9 Retail End-to-End Unified Retail Suite
“The Mi9 Retail team met our aggressive 8-month implementation schedule and delivered a high-quality retail merchandising and analytics system. The solution also easily integrated with our current business systems without requiring costly and time-consuming software customizations. In addition, Mi9 Merchant has modernized our operations, empowering us to align our business operations with the needs of our customers and provide the right merchandise in the right place at the right time.”
– Director of Information Technology and Supply Chain, The Original Factory Shop