Who is this document for?

This study is written for professionals in retail organizations in a variety of verticals who are involved with retail technology solutions, particularly in the areas of merchandise planning and demand management. This may include senior executives, information technology, merchants, finance, and more.

What will I learn about?

BRP conducted the 2018 Integrated Planning & Inventory Management Survey to explore the current state of retail planning and identify and understand retailers’ priorities as they strive to meet the needs and demands of today’s consumers.

In this data-packed BRP Survey, sponsored by Mi9 Retail, you will learn:

  • the top planning priorities retailers must focus on to prepare for the new retail model
  • how pursuing an omni-channel inventory strategy presents retailers with opportunities to break down organizational silos
  • why the supporting planning processes and infrastructure need to be unified to create the great customer experiences
  • and so much more.
2018 BRP Integrated Planning Inventory Management Survey Mi9 Retail Page 01 1024x791 - 2018 BRP Integrated Planning & Inventory Management Survey