“Good customer experience drives customer loyalty. In other words, companies that deliver a better customer experience tend to retain more of their customers, get more incremental purchases from their customers, and attract more new customers through positive word of mouth.” (Forrester)

Great customer experiences are no longer a “nice-to-have”: they are a key driver of revenue. A recent study showed that a 20% increase in customer satisfaction not only contributed to a 15% lift in overall revenues but also resulted in a reduction in the cost of serving customers by as much as 20%. (McKinsey and Company) For retailers looking for ways to grow their businesses, learning about ways to delight customers with great experiences is essential.

Massively Open Online Courses (or MOOCs) are courses offered online by colleges and universities worldwide. They are usually offered for free. Some are self-paced, whereas others start and stop on fixed dates. MOOCs are a great tool for professionals to want to continue learning and sharpening their business skills. Here are five free online courses that retail professionals can take to learn more about creating great customer experiences:

1. Understanding Customer Experience

This free online graduate course from Sweden’s Karlstad University explores the psychological aspects of the customer experience. Students will learn about the physical and digital realms of customer experience and reflect on strategies to measure, evaluate and improve the customer experience.

2. The Digital Economy: Selling Through Customer Insight

Knowing and understanding your customers is essential in crafting strategies to attract new shoppers and retain existing ones. This free online course focuses on building a holistic view of the customer to develop relevant, effective strategies for improving the customer experience.

3. Customer Analytics

In this free online course from the University of Pennsylvania, students will learn about tools and technology used to track and analyze customers as well as how to use this data to make strategic business decisions.

4. Business Fundamentals: Customer Engagement

Not every customer is worth the same to an organization. This four-week-long course explores how to identify your most valuable customers as well as the best practices in relationship marketing. Creating lasting engagement with your best customers is an important ingredient in great customer experiences.

5. The Mobile Consumer

A typical customer journey now includes mobile, digital and physical brand experiences. Engaging with consumers on the go is an essential component of any modern customer experience strategy. This course explores offers an introduction to key trends in Social-Local-Mobile marketing concepts.

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