Empower associates with mobility

In today’s mobile-centric world, customers spend so much time doing online product research that they often end up knowing more than sales associates. Is technology, then, likely to one day replace in-store representatives? Cashless stores, not long ago a fantasy, are now becoming a part of the retail picture with world’s largest retailers such as Amazon and Walmart about to open them to the public. Although retail has significantly changed with advances in technology, sales associates remain critical to the success of a brand: they are the human face of the customer experience, and should use technology to their advantage. Here are four techniques sales associates can implement to retain their customers and provide outstanding customer experiences using mobile technology:

1. Build and Maintain Relationships with Customers

Interacting with customers as soon as they walk into the store and keeping in touch with them when they leave should always be top priorities for sales associates. An outreach strategy is significantly more effective when performed with the right tools. By using the latest CRM and clienteling technology, store associates can take into consideration customers’ preferred methods of contact and engage with them to their liking via emails, SMS, telephone, or all of the above.

2. Use a Device-Agnostic POS to Increase Up-Selling and Cross-Selling Opportunities

Retailers should be aware that obsolete POS systems prevent sales associates from offering customers the very best customer experience. Retailers whose POS software has migrated to mobile devices have increased customer engagement and increase cross-selling by 22%, sales from 13% to 51%, and order size from 5% up to 85% (RIS News). Mobile devices are not only cost-effective, they also are a great way to engage with customers anywhere in the store. Store associates can also use mobility to find product recommendations that might delight their customers and achieve better ROI.

3. Be More Knowledgeable with Real-Time Inventory Visibility

There is nothing more frustrating for customers than having a sales associates inform them that a product is out of stock when they end up finding it themselves in the store. Store associates who use a mobile point of sale solution can check the inventory levels in real time, enabling them to find the product in another store or order it online when necessary. Store associates should meet their customers’ high expectations by knowing where inventory can be found at all times.

4. Create a Sense of Exclusivity Through Promotional Offers

Personalized promotional offers targeted towards key customers can also greatly improve the customer experience. Store associates can use top-notch clienteling tools to access customers’ personal information and create special promotions for them, anytime and anywhere. Will it be a client’s birthday soon? Wouldn’t that customer be pleased to receive 15% off their next order? Store associates should reach out to customers to inform them about their rewards and encourage further store visits.