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According to RIS News, inefficient processes and single order picking can cause an 8% margin loss for grocers who offer online ordering. Thus, grocers have lagged behind other retail verticals in deploying e-Commerce platforms and executing omnichannel strategies.

However, explosive growth in the adoption of online grocery shopping caused by the Coronavirus highlights the critical importance of having fulfillment technology that can scale capacity to fulfill unprecedented demand. Analysts predict that this dramatic shift in online grocery adoption will continue to increase long-term as new shopping habits form.

Leading grocers that rely on the Mi9 Retail digital commerce and fulfillment solutions have reported up to a 250% increase in online grocery volume growth and up to a 200% increase in net new grocery online customers since March. Poll responses among grocery executives who attended our recent webinar reveal similar results:

Mi9 Retail

Given this new landscape, now is a critical time for grocers to embrace new technology and fulfillment strategies to improve profitability, drive operational efficiencies, and reduce fulfillment costs. Mi9 Retail offers next-generation order fulfillment capabilities, proven to deliver significant results for grocers, including:

more items picked/hour than with competitive picking solutions

reduction in fulfillment costs

higher profit per order than with competitive fulfillment solutions

In our recent webinar, we explore the various fulfillment models grocers are deploying to ensure long-term viability. Watch the webinar on demand: Online Grocery Fulfillment Strategies to Improve Profitability.

To learn more about how Mi9 Retail enables grocers to optimize the process of managing, picking, and filling online grocery orders, contact us or read the overview below.

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