Segment of One (SO1), a leading provider of advanced artificial intelligence solutions, will enhance the next generation Mi9 Retail e-Commerce platform with state of the art technology to personalize grocery retail promotions.

Berlin, Germany, February 26, 2019 – SO1 is pleased to announce a partnership with Mi9 Retail, a leading provider of omni-channel retail solutions, to integrate its artificial intelligence capabilities with the Mi9 Retail suite. With this partnership, the SO1 Engine enhances the Cloud-native, microservices-based next generation of the Mi9 e-Commerce platform with the ability for grocery retailers to intelligently personalize promotions and discounts across channels.

An Accenture study found that 3 in 4 consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name, recommends options based on past purchases, or knows their purchase history. SO1 technology enables both online and offline targeting of consumers and promotion individualization in real-time, leading to increased same-store sales thanks to a deeper understanding of customer behavior, and higher customer satisfaction stemming from greater relevancy of offers.

“At Mi9 Retail, we are passionate about helping retailers grow their businesses through the application of modern technology. Our partnership with SO1 is very much in line with our current focus on artificial intelligence across the suite. We are excited about the SO1 Engine’s potential to help retailers drive incremental profits and connect with their customers across channels and devices,” said Mi9 Retail CEO, Neil Moses.

SO1 CEO, Raimund Bau, added, “Through deep learning and machine learning technology, the SO1 Engine, currently in use at major retailers, delivers hyper-relevant promotions at an optimized discount level and generates increased earnings. Together, Mi9 Retail and SO1 offer a unique platform for retailers to make use of the latest in AI technology to engage customers in highly effective and profitable ways.”

About SO1:
SO1® (Segment of One) is one of the driving forces of retailer digitalization. SO1 has created a very powerful AI for retail which is capable of personalizing promotions for users in real-time and across devices. The SO1 Engine sources the entire portfolio of the retailer and automatically selects the right products for each individual customer and adjusts discounts such that revenue, profit, or customer satisfaction are maximized.(

About Mi9 Retail:
Mi9 Retail is the fastest growing provider of enterprise software for retailers, wholesalers, and brands. Mi9 enables the world’s leading retailers to automate and optimize their entire Plan-to-Sell™ process, from planning to executing, influencing, and selling merchandise in-store, online, and on any device. Mi9 corporate retail systems facilitate better planning, master data management, allocation, and replenishment, and Mi9 customer engagement and point-of-purchase systems boost revenue across digital and brick-and-mortar channels. Our solutions are connected via a common analytics framework that serves as the foundation of the system and speeds time to insight with role-based dashboards, KPIs, and governed self-service data discovery. Mi9 Retail is committed to helping retailers on their path to success, so they can maximize revenue and customer engagement while minimizing costs. Visit to learn more.