Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce your TCO by eliminating the responsibility for software management and infrastructure. Server hardware, IT personnel, implementation, and maintenance often balloon project costs with on-premises deployments. In fact, a recent survey conducted by the Manchester Business School and Vanson Bourne found that 88% of companies report cost savings after moving enterprise systems to the Cloud, and more than half of respondents stated that Cloud services have helped them boost profits.

Predictable Cost Structure

Benefit from a predictable cost structure by shifting responsibility for server infrastructure, security, vulnerability assessments, and ongoing issue management away from your in-house IT team, thus turning capital expenses into operating expenses.

Streamlined Scalability

Scaling for your growth or peak periods can occur efficiently with predefined monitors and pre-approvals. Disk space and memory are managed proactively and can be adjusted quickly whenever needed, with minimal or no downtime.


Superb Security

We perform vulnerability assessments and penetration testing on regular schedules. An ISO27001-aligned security policy includes access rights, passwords, auditing, as an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Rapid Deployment

SaaS deployments are fast since the server and all dependent software is ready to go. Training and system configuration can begin immediately from any location.

Reduced Capital Expenses

Traditional software licenses are often funded from capital budgets and amortized accordingly. SaaS deployments are typically funded from operating budgets, making them easier to procure.

Moving retail systems away from on-premises installations into the cloud is the single most important shift retailers can make to improve customer experience, boost return on technology investment and lower overall IT management costs.

“The fact that we can run our core Mi9 systems in the cloud means we no longer have to incur the costs and risks of managing these systems in house, and they’ve made the migration path to the new platform efficient and cost-effective.”
– Chief Operating Officer, Betteridge

Focus on the True Business of Retail

By deploying in the Mi9 Retail Cloud, you gain the freedom to focus on growing your business as we deliver the full capabilities of our end-to-end retail enterprise software suite of solutions.

The Mi9 Retail Software as a Service (SaaS) offering has all the features of self-hosted solutions, without the upfront hardware investment, ongoing costs, and work of maintenance. You retain ownership of, access to and control of your data at all times.

Grow Your Business

The business of retail is always evolving. Stores open and close, transaction volumes vary widely throughout the year, and software and infrastructure needs change frequently.

By hosting retail software in the Cloud, retailers are able to scale up and down quickly and efficiently, and resources are not tied up making the adjustments. Scaling can occur efficiently with predefined monitors and pre-approvals.

Never Miss a Beat (or, a Sale)

There’s nothing worse for a retailer than having customers in your store who want to make purchases but cannot due to system outages.

With software in the Cloud, retailers benefit from greater availability and redundancy, and local standalone solutions, so that you are always able to serve customers and process transactions.

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