We’re back from another amazing year at NRF 2018, Retail’s BIG Show! It was a whirlwind three days of amazing discussions and meetings with retailers from all over the world. Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by to meet with us! We hope you left the show as energized and inspired as we did.

Mi9 Retail Acquires JustEnough Software

This year, we started the show with a major announcement: Mi9 Retail has acquired JustEnough Software, a leader in demand management solutions for retail, wholesale and direct-to-consumer businesses worldwide. There was lots of positive buzz at the show about this exciting news, and retailers were eager to hear more about the acquisition.

New Products

We generated a lot of excitement with the launch of our advanced order routing and unified order management system (UOMS), as well our newest customer engagement tools called “My Curator” and “Personal Stylist”.  The UOMS uses intelligent algorithms to optimize fulfillment.  The new customer engagement features create a seamless bridge between the in-store experience and the online experience that is personalized, interactive and super cool.

Hot Topics

With over 500 exhibitors in 240,000 square feet of exhibition space, show attendees had a lot to digest! Digital transformation was an important theme for both exhibitors and attendees, as retailers seek to adapt to changing markets and evolving consumer demands. Artificial Intelligence (AI), mobility, and personalization were also hot topics at the show.

Beware of the “Shiny New Thing”

The Mi9 Retail team demonstrated our end-to-end solutions for retail to great interest from attendees. Although it’s easy to get caught up with all the “shiny new things” at the expo, retailers are recognizing that point solutions don’t deliver the value and ROI they often promise if they aren’t built on a solid foundation of core merchandising software.

Sell The Way Your Customers Buy

The theme we brought to the show this year is “Sell The Way Your Customers Buy”. Modern shoppers have such diverse needs, desires, and ways of shopping. Mi9 Retail helps retailers sell the way your customers buy, whether they shop online, in stores, or on the go. Everything we do is designed to help retailers succeed in a changing market, sell more, and delight their customers.

For more information about the solutions we demonstrated at the show, please click here.