Missed the Mi9 Retail Assortment Planning webinar last week? Don’t despair; watch it now >>

Our webinar “How to create localized, consumer-centric assortment plans” is available on demand for those who missed the presentation given by Keith Whaley, VP of Retail Strategy at Mi9.

In this video, Mi9 Retail shares its best practices that help you create localized, consumer-centric assortment plans that will increase profitability and drive the bottom line. You will learn how to:

  • Consolidate disparate planning and inventory management process
  • Create data-driven, customer-centric assortment plans that are aligned to financial and open-to-buy targets
  • Leverage site clustering, item placeholder logic and other machine-learning techniques to seed assortment plans automatically
Webinar - How to Create Localized, Consumer-Centric Assortment Plans
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