Drive profitability with the first and only headless, microservices-based digital commerce platform designed for grocers, complete with everything you need to sell online, digitally engage customers, and fulfill orders – seamlessly, efficiently, and profitably.


Differentiate your digital brand with a mobile-first storefront designed to deliver a convenient experience for your customers on any device, from shopping through to pickup or delivery.


Improve picking efficiency and reduce costs with an independently deployable fulfillment solution that optimizes the picking path in stores, warehouses, and dark stores.


Drive discoverability and increase sales with an independently deployable search management and merchandising toolkit that enables you to surface highly relevant search results, driven by a smart search engine at its core.

Content Management

Content Management
Bring unique experiences to life with a headless content management system that provides unrivaled flexibility and control over the look and feel of your site, no proprietary skills needed. Manage multiple sites from a single back office and manage content down to the store or banner level.


Increase customer engagement with AI-powered personalized product recommendations. Deliver tailored content, offers, and search results based on customers’ purchase history and shopping behavior.

Grocery Accelerator

Grocery Accelerator
Kick-start your implementation with a mobile-first, ready-made storefront based on best-in-class UI/UX research and customer feedback. The template is designed to be customized and rapidly deployed, reducing implementation costs and time to value.

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Why Grocers Choose Mi9 Digital Commerce

Modern Architecture

Cloud-native, microservices-based platform with a flexible API-first architecture enables easy and fast deployment of homegrown and third-party applications without disruption.

Headless Commerce

Decoupled front-end and back-end makes it possible to produce shoppable content across various front-ends, test new strategies without jeopardizing backend stability, and add new digital touchpoints.

Business Empowerment

Suite of self-service tools provides complete control over the front-end without IT assistance. Break free from rigid structures and customize your site your way, faster and easier than ever.

Grocery Expertise

With decades of grocery e-commerce experience, we built industry-first capabilities in collaboration with the world’s most successful grocers to address the unique nuances of grocery retail.

Proven Capabilities Deliver Measurable Results

reduction in fulfillment costs

higher profit per order than with competitive fulfillment solutions

larger share of wallet than with competitive e-commerce solutions

increase in revenue by better product recommendations

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