Who is this document for?

This case study is written for professionals in retail organizations in a variety of verticals who are involved with retail technology solutions. This may include senior executives, information technology, merchants, finance, and more.

What will I learn about?

Bob’s Stores’ legacy replenishment system presented limited capabilities. The company needed to ensure the availability of the right products at the right stores at the right time. The retailer knew it could maximize its inventory investment while reducing costs and stock-outs with new technology.

In this Mi9 Retail customer success story, you will learn about how Mi9 Retail helped Bob’s Stores:

  • reduce average inventory ownership at the store level by 16 percent
  • increase the number of apparel and footwear assortments that met in-stock goals by 9 percent
  • reduce overstocks and lost sales due to out-of-stocks
  • and much more.