Mi9 Retail collects and processes the personal information of applicants for positions with our company.

What information do we collect from an applicant?

The information that Mi9 Retail collects may include:

  • name, address, email address, telephone number, social media presence, and other similar information, as appropriate
  • qualifications, skills, experience, and employment history
  • current rate of pay and benefits, as applicable
  • information concerning any reasonable accommodations that may need to be made with regard to an applicant’s disability, as applicable
  • gender, race, ethnic origin, or religion in order to monitor recruitment statistics
  • information regarding the legal right to work in the country in which you are seeking a position

The information may be provided by the applicant to Mi9 Retail through online forms, resumes, government IDs or documents (e.g., driver’s license or passport), interviews (both in person and remote), and through other sources, as required, which may include references provided to Mi9 Retail by the applicant.

The information that applicants provide to Mi9 Retail may be stored in our human resources management system, as well as other systems, including email.  This is dependent upon the interaction between the applicant and Mi9 Retail.

Why do we process personal information?

Throughout the hiring process, Mi9 Retail holds a legitimate interest in processing an applicant’s information and in maintaining the required records. Mi9 Retail processes the personal information that an applicant provides in order to consider the applicant for the position for which he or she has applied.  Furthermore, a successful applicant may have his or her information processed in order to move forward with the hiring and onboarding process.  Mi9 Retail may need to process personal information in case any legal issues arise to which Mi9 Retail is required to respond. We also process applicants’ information in order to abide by legal requirements as related to both an applicant’s application, as well as a successful applicant’s employment with us.

If an applicant is not hired by Mi9 Retail, with the applicant’s consent, we may keep his or her personal information on file for consideration for future opportunities with the company. If an applicant does provide his or her consent, he or she can subsequently let Mi9 Retail know that he or she no longer wishes to be considered for future opportunities and that Mi9 Retail should remove the personal information from further consideration.

Who has access to an applicant’s personal information?

  • members of Mi9 Retail’s human resources staff
  • members of Mi9 Retail’s recruitment team
  • members of Mi9 Retail’s staff that may interview an applicant
  • department managers
  • company executives and board members
  • members of Mi9 Retail’s IT staff

If an applicant is offered a position, it may be necessary to provide personal information to third parties, such as to obtain any required background checks.

Mi9 Retail has policies and controls in place to ensure the safety and security of the information that applicants may provide to us, including protocols to restrict access to an applicant’s information to only those with the need to access it.

How long we keep personal information?

For applicants that are not hired by Mi9 Retail, we will keep their personal information for six months after a decision has been made. For applicants that wish to remain active in Mi9 Retail’s recruitment activities, we will keep their personal information for an additional six months. Once the additional six months have passed, or if an applicant requests to be removed from further consideration, the applicant’s personal information will be deleted and/or destroyed.

For an applicant that is offered and accepts a position with Mi9 Retail, that applicant’s personal information will be shared with Mi9 Retail’s human resources team for their use in managing the successful applicant’s employment with Mi9 Retail. Additional information will be shared with the successful applicant regarding how Mi9 Retail will store the information as part of the onboarding process.

 Applicants’ rights

Applicants can:

  • obtain a copy of his or her personal information upon request
  • require Mi9 Retail to update and/or correct personal information
  • require Mi9 Retail to delete, destroy, and/or stop processing personal information, subject to applicable laws
  • object to the processing of personal information if Mi9 Retail is relying on legitimate interests as the basis for such processing

Any requests or questions regarding the above should be sent to info@mi9retail.com.

If you choose to not provide any required personal information during the recruitment process, that is your right.  However, Mi9 Retail may not be able to move forward with an applicant that chooses to not provide such information.