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At Mi9 Retail, our retail software solutions are built using modern technology designed and developed exclusively for retailers within an array of verticals – from luxury brands with less than fifty stores to global brands with hundreds and thousands of stores. No matter which vertical your organization falls within or the size of your business, we offer proven solutions to help you achieve customer satisfaction, increased margins, streamlined operations and business growth.

In an increasingly competitive omni-channel marketplace, you need to optimize every aspect of your apparel business to win consumer loyalty. Carrying the right product mix is a science.  As apparel retailing and fashion trends continue to evolve, you need a solution that is flexible enough to accommodate your customers’ constantly-changing needs and reinforce their loyalty to your brand.

With Mi9 Retail, you get a true end-to-end retail software solution that supports your business operations with real-time views into inventory, provides a seamless shopping experience and delivers the products your customers desire most. From merchandising, replenishment, allocation, open-to-buy, case pack ordering, visual assortment planning and business intelligence to omni-channel order management, CRM, clienteling and mobile POS, we have your retail apparel business covered.

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The health, beauty and cosmetics industry launches hundreds of new products and fragrances every year, making loyalty difficult to achieve. Consumers switch brands constantly, often responding to the latest fashion trends fueled by media or celebrity endorsements. This makes relationship building and customer service more critical than ever.

Mi9 Retail delivers robust solutions that enable a complete 360 degree view of inventory and customer behavior to help understand product demand and build loyalty. Our merchandise management and analytics solutions put you in complete control of your inventory, ensuring the right merchandise is at the right place so that your customers can immediately access their favorite products. Plus, our customer engagement and CRM solutions enhance the customer experience at every step of the journey and leverage real-time visibility into customers’ omni-channel activities. Mi9 Retail provides fully integrated, web-enabled solutions to deliver the seamless customer experience needed for your multi-store, multi-banner operation to succeed on a global scale.

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Mi9 Retail solutions for cosmetics and fragrance retailers include:

Technology has revolutionized what customers expect from your department store. Shopping in-store is still an experience that your customers love, but they have a better experience when online interactions coincide with store visits. With multi-brand assortments of high-value products like fine jewelry and clothing, as well as high-volume products like cosmetics, accessories and private label clothing, unique buying strategies dictate specific system needs. Therefore, you need to engage your customers across all channels and ensure that your inventory is just as nimble as they are.

Mi9 Retail supports the diverse assortments found in department stores with a single retail software platform. We provide you with the tools needed to provide a meaningful connection with your customers as well as to optimize inventory and SKU profitability across your diverse categories.

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Footwear retailers have specific requirements that necessitate full, in-depth, footwear-focused functionality. Therefore, as the retail landscape becomes increasingly competitive, footwear retailers are looking for more efficient ways of managing inventory with solutions suited for their complex merchandise management needs.

Mi9 Retail’s solution for footwear provides the functionality to allocate the right product and the right size to the right location. By offering product definition capabilities for up to four variants such as size, width, color and material, our solution enables you to precisely allocate current styles to each unique store.  In addition, you can also capture and analyze data to respond to the diversity of stores based on demographics, climate and geography.

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Hardware retailers need a system that is as durable as the products they sell. Due to the long inter-purchase times for the average hard good, you need the right tools to handle the depth and breadth of a large assortment of product classes and item types.

With Mi9 Retail, you can analyze your SKUs down to the most granular details and proactively make decisions based on historic performance and trends, ensuring your products are where they need to be at the right time. Additionally, Mi9 Retail’s store solution’s state-of-the-art functionality offers mobile POS, mobile inventory management, contractor business management and much more. Mi9 Retail brings the power of both back office and front office into an integrated solution, providing clear insight and intelligence to accurately view the status of your business.

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As today’s luxury customers are more discerning, knowledgeable and demanding than ever before, jewelry retailers need to proactively look for better ways of managing inventory, engaging with customers on a personal level and targeting the right consumers with the right products based on their needs and wishes. You need to fully understand your customers and positively engage them on a regular basis in order to inspire a passionate desire to buy.

At Mi9 Retail, we truly understand the needs of jewelry retailers. Our Jewelry Group, comprised of highly-experienced retail jewelry software professionals, is dedicated exclusively to the needs of jewelry retailers. With mobile solutions to manage inventory, clientele customers, fulfill omni-channel orders, service a customer on a mobile POS device from anywhere in the store and engage customers with relevant messaging, Mi9 Retail can help you improve stock movement and achieve higher margins, improve customer retention and ultimately increase sales.

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As a specialty retailer, you may find yourself competing for the same customer base as larger, more wide-spread chains. Therefore, you must remain flexible in pricing and product mix. To stay competitive, you need smarter, more accurate data and the business intelligence from an integrated solution to make faster and wiser business decisions.

Regardless of size and scope, Mi9 Retail empowers specialty retail shops to continue delivering the personalized service they are know for while utilizing advanced technology to better manage inventory and truly understand customers.

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As a sporting goods retailer, your systems need to be in top shape to keep pace with a tighter, leaner, fast-paced industry. You need to proactively prepare your stores for the next generation of equipment, while simultaneously planning for upcoming seasons of apparel and footwear and maintaining a seamless omni-channel experience for customers.

Mi9 Retail provides sporting goods retailers with the right tools to manage this dynamic market. We enable you to easily manage and classify a wide range of inventory item types, ranging from balls, race bikes and camping equipment to athletic apparel and accessories. We provide careful insight into your stock rotation, so that you know when to restock fast moving items and when to reduce stagnant inventory. You can gain valuable customer insight and suggest relevant up-sells and cross-sells based on historic and current purchases as you engage customers across channels. Mi9 Retail equips sporting goods retailers with advanced solutions to stand out in this dynamic vertical.

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