Mi9 Store Back Office

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Mi9 Store Back Office fully integrates with POS processing, business intelligence and merchandise systems, and synchronizes critical data transfers between core corporate business servers and store systems connecting the store to the enterprise.

Mi9 Store Back Office supports all of your in-store management requirements, and enables your store team to efficiently manage their business utilizing a full complement of back office applications, including:

  • Cash Office Management
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Receiving*
  • Transfers*
  • RTVs
  • Cycle Counts
  • Prep Label (pre-counts) and Physical Inventory* (including third-party integration)
  • Store PO Management
  • Customer Orders
  • Shelf Labels, Item Tag and Promotion Label Printing
  • Special Orders Management
  • Wireless Store Operations
  • Installations Management
  • Pack Down (inventory put away)*
  • Labor Scheduling/Management
  • Time and Attendance
* supported on wireless, handheld terminals and portable printers

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