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Mi9 Store is a comprehensive store system that reduces operating costs, increases overall store management effectiveness, and provides the best possible shopping experience for your customers.

With fully-integrated back office management and point of sale (POS) modules, Mi9 Store provides world-class technology and functionality, mobile access and comprehensive data management ideally suited for hardlines retailers.

The Back Office module is a store management system that creates a more effective management office, reduces paperwork, automates processes and enables managers to focus on sales leadership. The POS module offers an easy-to-use and reliable solution to enhance standard PC cash registers, touch screens, tablets and RF handhelds with the technology needed for retailers to effectively engage with customers. Mi9 Store offers an array of advanced functions that enable your store teams to:

  • Maximize sales and minimize stock outs with insight into inventory availability and timing of inventory delivery
  • Achieve optimal coverage with tools to help determine the most appropriate schedule and staffing levels
  • Simplify and streamline store operations and inventory management, utilizing fully-integrated mobile and RF handheld applications
  • Save the sale by quickly locating an out-of-stock item in the nearest five stores or chain-wide
  • Decrement the inventory of the items that comprise a kit, not simply the kit itself
  • Conduct advanced transactions, such as send sales, commercial credit sales, will call, delivery, special order, rain checks and estimates

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Retail Operations Simplified

Our fully-integrated solution helps you to automate processes, increase productivity and delight customers.

▌ Back Office

Mi9 Store Back Office is a web-based solution designed to satisfy the complex requirements of hardware and home improvement retailers. A fully-integrated suite of store back office applications, our solution enables management to streamline operations and increase productivity by centrally managing inventory, financial and employee-related functions.

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▌ Point of Sale (POS)

Mi9 Store POS transforms your stores into a hive of customer-focused activity. Loyalty programs, promotions and planning all come together to create an enjoyable shopping experience. Your customers never have to leave disappointed because our endless aisle functionality expands product availability beyond store walls. Whether at the checkout or on the sales floor, store associates can answer complex questions and make informed product suggestions with instant access to information.

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