Today’s retail order management systems (OMS) must do more than simply manage orders to online-only sales or store-only sales. Retailers need a central repository for inventory. Additionally, orders require an OMS that can turn stores into fulfillment centers.

Mi9 Mosaic OMS empowers retailers with the technology needed to efficiently view and manage omni-channel inventory and customer data in real-time, resulting in the seamless “click and collect” service that your customers demand.  With the ability to fulfill online or store orders from any location, including distribution centers and other retail stores, our solutions work with up-to-the-minute information fully supporting online interaction to minimize paper flow. Managing multiple fulfillment types in a single, centralized database, Mi9 Mosaic OMS enables the ability to:

  • Eliminate errors and lost productivity associated with the manual processes in omni-channel retailing
  • Retain the freedom to accept full or partial payment for orders, decide which store gets credited for sales and manage changes and exceptions with optimal precision
  • Leverage the web beyond e-commerce as a sales channel by encouraging visits to the retail store with store pickup
  • Streamline the fulfillment of online orders from store inventory using mobile devices
  • Allow products to be reserved online or from another store and picked up or shipped from anywhere
  • Manage layaways, pre-orders and product reservations so that no matter where the inventory is located, sales are never lost

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Unified Commerce

Delivering a seamless customer experience across all channels with Mi9 Mosaic OMS.

▌ Omni-Channel Order Fulfillment

Business users can determine the most efficient way to process orders, including fulfilling from stores, warehouses or even drop-shipments from vendors.

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▌ Complex Orders

Users can monitor complex processes with an overview of all steps and channels, utilizing order aging, discrepancy and exception reports. Different processes and algorithms associated with orders, fulfillment centers and inventory allocation include, but are not limited to, returns management, partial shipments, e-mail notifications, and configurable rules and workflows.

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