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Retail Analytics

Mi9 Intelligence

From financial reporting to visual data discovery, Mi9 Intelligence is a comprehensive retail analytics platform that delivers actionable analysis supporting some of the world’s largest retailers with world-class efficiency.

With a pre-configured, centralized and multi-dimensional data warehouse, Mi9 Intelligence securely delivers all your data in one place, providing one version of the truth. Mi9 Intelligence is a retail analytics platform that maximizes the value of your data and provides you with sophisticated visualization through its multi-functional role-based KPI reports, dashboards and scorecards. We understand that monitoring performance metrics means the difference between profit and loss. To meet your burgeoning need for data-driven retailing, our solution delivers predictive analytics to interrogate data trends and patterns that predict future behaviors, along with guided intelligence that directs you to reports and information, enabling you to understand which strategic actions will be the most beneficial to help you drive results and successfully run the business.

The collection of Mi9 Intelligence modules delivers unparalleled views into retail operations – across merchandise, stores, customers, finance and human resources. Mi9 Intelligence provides lightning fast insight into exceptions occurring at the most granular level possible by recording every transaction at the line-detail level and delivering actionable information at a summary level. Faster access to higher quality information and complete visibility throughout the product lifecycle, empowers better-informed decisions, making it possible to:

  • Track and minimize under stocks, over stocks and out of stocks
  • Provide extremely accurate margin calculations
  • Increase sales, margins and inventory turns
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing spend
  • Optimize employee performance
  • Understand customer segments and their performance

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Be an IT Hero

An out-of-the-box solution that supports IT, rather than straining it, allowing for swift implementations and earlier ROI.

▌ Cutting-Edge Technology

Mi9 Foundation, the advanced architectural framework for Mi9 Intelligence, provides unmatched accessibility, security, reliability and maintenance controls to ensure clean, accurate information is universally available and usable to merchandising, POS, CRM, financial and other retail systems. The sophisticated mapping technology of the framework integrates seamlessly with all Mi9 Retail Suite components, as well as with legacy merchandising systems and third-party applications.

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▌ One Source of Actionable Information

Mi9 Intelligence eliminates siloed data by collecting it from all corporate systems and allowing any authorized user to access one source of accurate, actionable information on demand. Extensive drilling provides authorized users complete analytical flexibility, allowing access to every area of the multi-dimensional data warehouse, down to individual transactions.  Plus, the closed loop environment allows analytical insight to drive operational process execution directly from a report.

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Retail Analytics
Retail Analytics

▌ Comprehensive Data Analysis

Mi9 Intelligence can be built into line-of-business processes, improving performance individually and corporately. With visibility into both current and historical exceptions, our solution provides a tremendous opportunity for immediate action.  With location-based GIS data and Google Maps to visually spot demographic influences on customer purchasing behavior, you will have the insight to market precise content to your customer base.  Additionally, you will be able to keep up with trends, knowing when to accelerate, delay, adjust or cancel outstanding merchandise purchase orders.

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▌ Price Intelligence

Comprises an end-to-end pricing solution that optimizes expeditious and intelligent pricing decisions to be performed via pro-active price monitoring and alerting. Collect price, size, assortment, UPC, images and more to let the price intelligence module map out a SKU’s price position in the greater market.

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▌ Daybook/Stock Ledger

The inclusion of a Daybook provides a significant advantage when changing from the Retail Method to the Cost Method of Accounting as it can be completely recalculated from cutover without impacting the historical Stock Ledger. The Daybook provides a true version of what happened so your merchants can accurately manage SKU profitability at a granular level, while the Stock Ledger provides a financial version so your accountants can accurately audit the accounts.

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▌ Loss Prevention

Offers a broad retail loss prevention analytics library comprised of grids, graphs and interactive dashboards allowing users to quickly detect, investigate and reduce losses from fraud and noncompliance. Assess fraud through store, associate and customer perspectives that drill down to the appropriate information based on how shrink occurs.

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Retail Analytics