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Retail Analytics

Mi9 Intelligence

From visual data discovery to actionable insights, Mi9 Intelligence delivers advanced retail analytics driving better business outcomes.

Mi9 Intelligence is a business intelligence platform made exclusively for retailers, combining ease of use with powerful analytics. The platform provides actionable analytics, role-based dashboards, KPIs, reports, and ad hoc discovery capabilities delivered via a secure cloud infrastructure.

Mi9 Intelligence makes it easier than ever for retailers to implement a comprehensive retail analytics solution. It includes pre-built dashboards and reports based on years of successful implementations and input from Mi9 Retail customers. The solution presents the most relevant information in clean, intuitive dashboards while allowing users to also perform ad hoc queries and self-service data discovery.

“We believe data has become one of the most important forces in all of technology. It is the ‘new oil’, with every bit as much possibility for changing the world.”

Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel
From: “Driving Retail Transformation: How Data and Smart, Connected Technology Deliver Amazing Customer Experiences.”

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Transform your Business with Retail Analytics

“Advanced analytics is the technology most retailers believe will change their organizations over the next five years.”

-Gartner 2017 CIO Agenda: A Retail Perspective

▌ Unified Data Model

The Mi9 Retail data warehouse can incorporate data from the entire Mi9 Retail solution suite, as well as third party systems and social media, for a truly comprehensive view of your business. By having common definitions across different subject areas, users can be confident that they will derive consistent results from a single source of truth.

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▌ Role-Specific Dashboards

Mi9 Intelligence comes with pre-built dashboards and reports designed for specific roles in the retail organization, including: executives, merchandising, store operations, marketing, loss prevention, IT, e-commerce, and more.

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Mi9 Retail Actionable Analytics
Mi9 Retail Actionable Analytics

▌ Cloud-Based Flexibility

Mi9 Intelligence is delivered as a service on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Users benefit from AWS security, scalability and performance.

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▌ Price Intelligence

Comprises an end-to-end pricing solution that optimizes expeditious and intelligent pricing decisions to be performed via pro-active price monitoring and alerting. Collect price, size, assortment, UPC, images and more to let the price intelligence module map out a SKU’s price position in the greater market.

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▌ Daybook/Stock Ledger

The inclusion of a Daybook provides a significant advantage when changing from the Retail Method to the Cost Method of Accounting as it can be completely recalculated from cutover without impacting the historical Stock Ledger. The Daybook provides a true version of what happened so your merchants can accurately manage SKU profitability at a granular level, while the Stock Ledger provides a financial version so your accountants can accurately audit the accounts.

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▌ Enterprise-Grade BI

Mi9 Intelligence is built on MicroStrategy 10 which provides the power of enterprise analytics with the flexibility and ease-of-use of self-service data discovery. The in-memory schema design ensures maximum performance and optimal response time, even for big data analytics.

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