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Mi9 Merchant is a state-of-the-art merchandise management system that provides meaningful visibility into shopper behavior, product performance and vendor reliability.

Designed for complex inventory and high SKU volume to address your extensive transaction processing needs, this solution delivers one source of information to support buying, pricing, inventory management and inventory valuation. Creating a fully-aligned experience across all retail channels, Mi9 Merchant enables you to fully understand and manage the entire product lifecycle, ensuring the items your customers want most are priced, placed and timed right in order to satisfy demand.

With faster access to higher quality information, Mi9 Merchant delivers real-time visibility into your omni-channel data and operations, enabling you to effectively manage inventory across the enterprise. Managers at all levels of the enterprise can access role-based dashboards with insights that guide them to smarter, better-informed decisions to effectively delight customers, drive growth and maximize profits. The collection of Mi9 Merchant modules makes it possible to:

  • Ensure each store has the right merchandise at the right time utilizing sophisticated allocation and replenishment modules
  • Easily understand your customers’ purchase behaviors with insights from granular transaction data and customer information
  • Streamline the invoice matching process with an automatic system for 3-way match and release of invoices for payment
  • Manage purchase orders and purchase contracts with a minimum of data entry and user involvement
  • Support multi-currency pricing for multi-national retailers as well as competitive price policies and combination policies for national, regional, local retailers
  • Manage Flow Through, Cross Dock and Storage Processing with a fully-integrated warehouse management system
  • Utilize a solution of software tools to make visual merchandising easier and more efficient
  • Facilitate and order cut, make, and trim products where the user defines the raw material products as well as costs required to source the materials and get the product made
  • Manage and group vendors into ‘Vendor Types’, ‘Vendor Categories’ and ‘Vendor Classes’ in order to compare the performance of different vendors and similar products or grouping vendors for the purpose of defining different buying strategies
  • Utilize a security model where users will only be able to see those products to which they have been given access.
  • Build long-term customer loyalty and drive revenue with a Bridal/Gift Registry 

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A Fully-Aligned Experience

Real-time visibility into your omni-channel data and operations enables effective inventory management across the enterprise.

▌ Master Data Management

We recognize that you have to deal with a myriad of products as well as numerous stores. The master data management module streamlines the maintenance of this huge volume of information and offers merchandise, enterprise and vendor dimensions complete with multiple hierarchies to simplify the data entry process and improve data accuracy.

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▌ Financial Controls

With comprehensive inventory management capabilities at both the store and warehouse levels, the ability to support either the cost or retail methods of accounting within a single installation, the capacity for invoice auto-matching and provisions for extensive sales audit functions, Mi9 Merchant provides you with exceptional financial control in the areas of inventory management, sales audit and invoice matching.

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merchandise management system
merchandise management system

▌ Demand Planning

The Demand Planning module enables you to forecast purchase orders 6 – 12 months into the future, which helps you to improve the accuracy of forecasts, align inventory levels with ups and downs in demand from promotions and seasonality and enhance profitability.

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iMerchant – Mobile Inventory Management

All types of inventory movement are managed more efficiently and accurately, in real time, at the store level or in the warehouse using iPods or rugged hand held terminals. Core functions supported include purchase order receipts, inventory status changes, transfer shipments, SKU inquiry as well as transfer receipts.

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▌ Merchant Inventory Portal

Your in-store personnel can perform inventory functions, access price change reports and more via a convenient and secure web-based portal at the store level. With specific login credentials to control information access, store users can receive transfers from a warehouse or another store, receive purchase orders directly from a vendor, issue transfers and more.

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▌ Order Management & Fulfillment

A genuine omni-channel solution available through iMerchant or the Merchant Inventory Portal that supports multiple fulfillment options from a dedicated fulfillment center, vendor or store to satisfy online orders. We’ve also incorporated the flexibility for you to understand who owns the sale and/ or return.

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