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Mi9 Affinity Merchandising is a retail ERP solution that provides powerful, out-of-the-box capabilities designed specifically for high-value customer interactions.

Sales forecasts, inventory budgets, replenishment… as retailers, you’re always thinking about the future. Mi9 Affinity Merchandising sets your mind at ease with a collection of robust modules designed to manage the entire product life cycle across the enterprise, from planning to purchasing, pricing, promotions, distribution and more. Expertly suited for specialty retailers with high-value customer interactions, this integrated retail merchandising solution provides an intuitive, role-based experience that streamlines interactions between technology, business processes and people to satisfy customer demand, drive growth and maximize profits.

With quick access into critical customer, loyalty and omni-channel inventory information through real-time insights and customizable data visualizations, you can examine buying patterns, analyze sell-through from prior timeframes and analyze your budgets, actuals and historicals – all at the same time. Mi9 Affinity Merchandising offers everything from collaborative planning and open-to-buy to purchasing and warehousing, making it possible to:

  • Lend out a collection of merchandise for high profile customers to view at home
  • Give VIP customers the opportunity to view and pre-order merchandise from a launch collection, while factoring that advanced feedback into planning
  • Define your own OTB model with preexisting formulas. Simply include the element in the OTB model and the system will arrange and make sense of the OTB formula
  • Negate over stocks and under stocks with advanced forecasting, lead times, stock allocations and orders
  • Ensure each store has the right merchandise at the right time, utilizing accurate replenishment modules
  • Maximize sales and gross margin with our retail assortment planning module
  • Combine all warehousing functions in a single powerful application, allowing users to unload merchandise, place it in inventory and then pick and pack from multiple bins in order to create transfers for selected stores

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▌ Master Data Management for Retail

Our master data management offering is intuitive and adapts depending on the product type, for example, by providing multiple colors and sizes. With this functionality, you are able to manage multiple prices, vendors and product attributes in a role-based interface that can be custom-designed to suit your unique data needs.

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▌ Assortment Planning

Bridge the gap between financial planning and order processing with an assortment planning module that allows items from the merchandise financial plan to be selected for assortment before purchase orders are created and approved. The module enables you to determine the optimal distribution of purchase dollars across categories and merchandise classes by store, as well as by SKU breadth and depth. Designed to help retailers specify an assortment that maximizes sales and gross margin, this visual, easy-to-use tool provides you the ability to create, analyze and approve assortment plans. Plus, the module’s predictive analytics deliver incredibly accurate sales forecasts at varied points in the planning process and at different levels of the hierarchy.

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retail merchandising solution

retail merchandising system

▌ Dashboard Reporting

Quickly retrieve, analyze and transform data in real time with our reporting module. Fast insights and compelling visuals will empower you with the critical omni-channel data needed to make timely and fact-based strategic decisions. This retail reporting toolset provides the freedom to view reports and dashboards based on transactional data, product information or customer analytics, delivering the meaningful visibility needed to drive growth and achieve operational excellence.

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▌ Planning and OTB

Accurately forecast supply and demand for merchandise while optimizing stock turns and overall profit by employing strategies based on the buying patterns of your customers. With our efficient and powerful planning and OTB module’s drilldown functionality, you can easily analyze and break down figures into details. You can also forecast and monitor the purchasing budget by following up with inventory requirements prior to and during a certain period, as well as assign inventory to stores based on analytical models that recognize prior product performance or potential at different stores. The module even includes the ability to create pre-allocation sessions and track the status of allocated goods within the distribution process.

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