Technical and Business Services

Technical and Business Services 2017-05-01T10:24:35+00:00

We have decades of real-word retail experience in ERP integration services and retail software implementation services, which are critical to a retailer’s success. This extensive technology and deployment expertise, combined with our business services, provides a unique value to our customers.

We truly understand your challenges and know how to address them. Our cost-effective approach to enterprise software solution services and system installations will enable you to achieve your operational objectives, gain a quicker return on your technology investment and complete your projects on schedule and within budget.

Mi9 Retail Professional Services

Making it all come together.

▬ Integration

Successful integration efforts require a complete understanding of a retailer’s current environment, data sources and availability. At Mi9 Retail, we recognize the importance of data and the efforts your organization has undertaken to cleanse and consolidate records. We take this into account and work with you to define the ideal source and location of data. Key aspects of integration, such as data integrity, duplication and latency for each data type are carefully studied in every project. We address data requirements, but also optimize for usability and performance.

▬ Implementation

How a solution is implemented can have dramatic effects on performance, security, PCI and other data-related compliance. Prior to implementation, we conduct a business process review to fully understand your unique requirements and design an implementation plan to address them. Using this methodology, we look for opportunities to help make your processes more efficient, institutionalize the best practices for your goals and ensure the best possible results prior to going live.

▬ System Configuration

Mi9 Retail is your system configuration partner from start to finish – and beyond. Our installation specialists are responsible for the application related to your installation and will install, configure, upgrade, troubleshoot and maintain your new Mi9 Retail software solution.

▬ Training

We are prepared to deliver functional, conceptual and sales training depending on the solution being implemented. We work with our customers to identify the appropriate training methods and schedule a highly-customized training program.

▬ Support

In order to help maximize productivity and product performance, our experienced and knowledgeable global technical support team provides telephone and email support to our customers. Additionally, we offer a secure web-based support portal for customers to easily log support calls or questions, track the status of reported issues and access the knowledge base.

 Account Management

Our dedicated account management team works with you to ensure business success with Mi9 Retail. We provide you with a single point of contact who understands your business, helps you work through any issues and identifies any opportunities to support your business growth.