Better Decisions = Improved Performance

Full-Featured End-to-End Retail Suite

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ROI You Won't Believe

Better Decisions. Faster Implementation. Lower IT Costs.

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Retail to Cost Method Accounting Simplified

With Mi9 Daybook and Stock Ledger

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Barneys New York Case Study

Learn Why Barneys New York Selected Mi9 Retail!

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Retail Analytics

Trusted data readily accessible for analysis to enable accurate forecasting and provide deep insights.

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Merchandise Management 

One source of information to provide the right merchandise when and where your customers need it.

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An easy-to-use omnichannel and mobile retail environment solution for an enhanced POS and a more efficient back office.

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Real-time access to essential data and on-demand reports available anytime, anywhere using a mobile device.

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“One of the biggest benefits we realized following implementation of MI9’s solution was the ability to ‘understand the dynamics of a price point.’ MI9 Retail allowed us to experiment with pricing and promotions to understand how inventory performed in our stores. With MI9, we were also able to reduce the store support team to 46 people for all 26 stores. This represented a 46% reduction in staff – a huge savings.”

    – CEO, Mi9 Customer –

What makes Mi9 Retail different?


Configured, Not Customized

Ready-to-use out of the box enables an inexpensive upgrade path, simplifies product support and ensures a best-practices platform.


Easy to Use

Intuitive “drag and drop” interface enables you to implement business changes without waiting for IT; no DBAs required.


Advanced Real-Time Architecture

Integrates with any legacy retail system and makes data universally available in real-time supporting omni-channel retail.


Unparalleled Analytics

Delivers crucial retail metrics that provide a quick start on driving business benefits.


Mobile Solutions

Data access is readily available at your fingertips using a mobile device.


Single Platform Built on BI

Centralized data warehouse provides a single, accurate source of the truth.