Who is this document for?

This ROI impact study, conducted with Hobson & Company (H&C), is for decision-makers in large retail organizations who are responsible for building the business case for transitioning from a legacy or homegrown merchandise planning, allocation, or replenishment system to an automated, integrated, and intelligent merchandise optimization solution.

What will I learn about?

Hobson & Company (H&C), a leading research firm focused on return on investment and total cost of ownership studies, worked with Mi9 Retail to explore how leading retailers are addressing common merchandise management and demand planning challenges. H&C conducted independent research consisting of in-depth interviews with Mi9 Retail customers and found that Mi9 solutions addressed customer challenges and delivered quick, measurable results with a high return on investment.
Based on the ROI analysis outlined in this paper, a retailer with roughly $1B in revenue deploying the broad suite of Mi9 solutions would see a payback in 7.8 months and generate an ROI of 265%. This research study highlights examples of validated operational and business benefits that can be realized with Mi9 solutions.

Mi9 Solutions Hobson 1 - Driving ROI: The Business Case for a Comprehensive Merchandise Optimization Solution