Who is this document for?

This white paper is written for professionals in e-commerce or omni-channel retail organizations in a variety of verticals who are involved in e-commerce solutions. Roles may include senior executives, information technology, operations, customer experience, finance, and more.

What will I learn about?

Whether you’re a pure-play etailer or an omni-channel retailer with an online and physical presence, winning the hearts of loyal customers is good business. A retailer’s web presence is a key component of the customer experience that’s open 24/7 and is easily accessible, and thus, is a prime avenue for turning casual shoppers into loyal brand ambassadors.

In this exclusive white paper, you will learn about:

  • Does loyalty really even matter?
  • How can retailers make shopping more convenient throughout the shopper journey?
  • The top ten best practices for creating great checkout experiences
  • How Mi9 e-Commerce D2C helps retailers create great online experiences
  • …and more!
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