Gone are the days where radio, television and print advertising were enough for a retailer or brand to generate awareness or even meet the needs of buyers. These traditional mediums have long been replaced by social media, video and content marketing, strategies that drive customer engagement. Personalization has become unanimously expected and retailers must provide relevant digital experiences if they want to win over consumers’ hearts and wallets. (Entrepreneur)

Only a small percentage of smartphone-influenced purchases actually happen on a smartphone. But why is that, given the opportunities that mobile programs represent? It comes down to shoppers’ trust or should we say, lack of. Retailers, it may be time to tap into your most loyal bunch, your brand advocates. Identify who your brand advocates are and determine how they can be integrated into your mobile strategy in order to build shoppers’ trust. (Luxury Daily)

American author Zig Zagler once said, “Statistics suggest that when customers complain, business owners and managers ought to get excited about it. The complaining customer represents a huge opportunity for more business.” When receiving a customer complaint, empathy is key. By showing customers that they care about them and their problem, retailers gain by building stronger relationships, increasing loyalty and trust and converting their customers into brand advocates. Zig Zagler was onto something after all! (Social Media Today)

The rise of e-commerce has brought many opportunities to retail, yet it seems to be an area of concern among retailers according to a study conducted by Forrestor Research. Both online and multi-channel retailers have shared some of their biggest worries which include security breaches, technical problems, competition (for big-box and department stores), and online sales tax collection (for e-tailers). Retailers, remember, there are experienced technology partners out there that can help you conquer these fears (Fashionista).

If some of the greatest benefits of investing in a SaaS (Software as a Service) or cloud-based solutions include simple and rapid deployment, 24/7 data access and control, minimized total cost of ownership and onsite IT support, then why aren’t more retailers jumping on this opportunity? Rather than being fooled by common misconceptions about cloud-based POS systems, inform yourselves on how deploying in the cloud could give you the freedom to focus on the true business of retail. (Huffington Post)