Canada’s luxury retailers, Holt Renfrew and Harry Rosen are expanding their retail footprint in preparation for the arrival of American luxury companies expecting to enter the market. Nordstrom officially opens its first Canadian store in Calgary today and other brands such as Saks, Jimmy Choo, and Tory Burch are on their way. The interest in luxury retail in Canada can be explained by the country’s growing segment of luxury shoppers. (Financial Post)

Research in the UK reveals that one third of consumers want staff armed with tablets. Consumers are losing patience with store associates who lack product knowledge, long stock-check wait times and overall poor customer service. Retailers that have embraced mobile technology are witnessing significant success, as store associates engage with consumers and provide personalized customer service. (Internet Retailing)

Believe it or not, retailers have been planning their online omni-channel holiday strategy since the spring. A 2014 pre-holiday study confirms that retailers are investing heavily to meet consumers’ demands this holiday season for a seamless shopping experience across all touchpoints. Enhanced e-commerce functionalities, mobile optimized websites, targeted emails and digital marketing tactics such as paid search and banner advertising will be used to drive in-store traffic and sales. (NRF)

Luxury retailers are ahead of the game when it comes to breaking down the barriers between the traditional and digital worlds. Nordstrom leverages social media in a new way with the launch of Instalog, which is a mix between a catalogue and Instagram. The retailer tapped into a group of fashion influencers including bloggers, stylists, and social media marketers to shoot pictures of its fall accessories and launched the catalogue via multiple outlets including the influencers’ own social media accounts. (Luxury Daily)

A retailer’s customers are one of its most important assets. So, how can retailers shield their customers from the competition and ensure their loyalty? Employee engagement, showing customer value through ongoing communication and incentives and being knowledgeable about your products are all ways to gain loyal customers. Although acquiring new customers is important, aiming towards attracting repeat buyers can go a long way. (Forbes)