RIS News released their much-anticipated annual software LeaderBoard on Tuesday, and Raymark was honored throughout the report! In addition to ranking in the Top 15 Software Leaders, we were thrilled to have ranked in 14 (yes, FOURTEEN) new categories, including a top three ranking in Ease of Installation and Integration by Mid-Size Retailers, Overall Performance by Tier One Retailers, Ease of administration and Software Reliability by Tier One Retailers. We also moved up to the top three in several categories in which we had previously ranked, including Leaders in Technology Innovation by Tier One Retailers and Leaders in Ease of Administration and Maintenance by Tier One Retailers.

What’s the best channel to communicate marketing messages to consumers? A new study finds that most consumers (31.79%) prefer to receive marketing messages by e-mail, followed closely by phone calls (29.43%). Half of the participants said that they did not want to receive any marketing communications at all. Do you find these results surprising? How can brands communicate with consumers without being intrusive or irritating? (MarketingProfs)

Are you a luxury retailer looking for the best markets to grow? A new report lists New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami and San Francisco as the top cities for luxury retail as measured by sales per square foot. Affluent consumers account for only 20% of the population, but 40% of all consumer spending, so the segment is unquestionably a profitable one. While there’s no denying that customer experience and omni-channel consistency are key factors in determining a retailer’s success, sometimes it’s important to remember that classic factors like real estate and “location, location, location” can also play an important role. (Chain Store Age)

Holiday consumers have different needs. With 92% of holiday shoppers turning to the internet to research gifts or make purchases, it’s important that omni-channel retailers can engage this valuable segment. These shoppers tend to be rushed, they want good deals and need assurance that delivery will be on-time. Nobody wants to show up on Christmas empty-handed! Tips include personalizing communications, from retargeting branded emails to display ads. Incentives such as discounts and promotions can also encourage holiday shoppers to complete purchases immediately rather than continue to comparison shop on other sites. (MarketingProfs)