Did you know that hearing your own name, as opposed to other names, triggers greater brain activation? As consumers, we crave personalization. Why? Because although it’s an illusion, it makes us feel in control because we’re not getting what everyone else is getting, it helps reduce information overload and therefore is more manageable for engagement and as human beings, we are naturally more inclined to engage with information that we find relevant and interesting. (Hubspot)

It’s inevitable, the digital and physical retail worlds are converging and better retail experiences do depend on technology integration. As retailers adopt omni-channel experiences, it’s important to think about how the technology can uphold throughout the retailer’s future. Retailers should focus on investing in consumer based changes, provide associates with training and needed tools for the best consumer experience and new technology for better experiences. (Luxury Daily)

As we look forward to 2015, it is an extremely exciting time for digital commerce. Digital experiences have permeated every aspect of the consumer’s life, as consumers now spend nearly as much time on their smartphones as they do on computers. Here are a few things to look forward to: drip shopping, multiple devices – multiple places – one consumer, mass personalization, content-based shopping and mobile payments. (Forbes)

According to this research, 60% of the time Americans spend with online retail occurs on mobile devices. Smartphones continue to increase their importance in our daily lives, which also demonstrates the importance of mobile e-commerce. Retail and e-commerce have gone mobile and consumers now search for products, compare prices, call stores and make purchases on their smartphones. Retailers, it’s time to implement new strategies to support and optimize the call channel or you’ll risk losing sales. (Search Engine Journal)

Most serious retailers have been looking deeply at ways to exploit digital in retail. Digital is a strategic consideration because it involves three vital components of brand building: communications, data and loyalty. Digital now plays an integral role in communicating with the customer and building a relationship and brands who understand their customer base and have earned the trust to gain the customer’s data, have a significant foot up.