As retailers find new ways to innovate their brick-and-mortar stores and combat showrooming, many are testing the use of beacons. The digital technology provides huge opportunities for retailers, as long as they use it wisely. In the study, shoppers interacted with beacon notifications 45 percent of the time, however, when retailers pushed more than one notification per store visit, it caused a 313 percent drop in app usage. (Digiday)

With more shoppers searching online prior to purchasing in store, has webrooming become the new showrooming? Studies show that shoppers still prefer the experience of shopping in store and appreciate the convenience of trying and touching the product along with avoiding shipping fees and wait times. This article provides 6 helpful tips on how retailers can take full advantage of webrooming. (Retail Minded)

Deloitte research shows that while online sales continue to climb, digital customer interactions through both virtual and physical store channels present greater sales opportunities than online or mobile commerce alone. Digital interactions are forecasted to influence 50 percent, or $345 billion of retail stores sales this holiday season. Retailers that focus on the right functionality, rather than more functionality, will have the advantage.

A new report shows that the line between shopping online and in store continues to blur as shoppers use the web or mobile web more than once during their shopping journey. In a study conducted by iProspect, 76% of those surveyed research online before buying and 36% compare prices and look up product information while in a retail store via their smartphones. (Internet Retailer)

A survey by Havas Worldwide shows that luxury retailers are targeting a niche market dubbed HENRYs (high-end but not rich yet). Luxury brands believe that establishing a connection during youth, often results in long term loyalty. Becoming a tech brand, offering content-driven experiences and finding ways to leverage technology to provide relevant customer experiences will help luxury retailers establish loyalty and help with present and future conversions. (Luxury Daily)