Personalization marketing has become one of the popular strategies that retailers are deploying to differentiate themselves. Personalized marketing is more than simply inserting a name, title or location. This results-driven tool is a managed effort promoting and selling products or services, linked by data, relevance, integration, interaction and measurement. Read this article to learn more about these five integrated pillars of personalization marketing. (Marketing Tech News)

Today, shoppers take ease and convenience from interacting with retailers over multiple platforms and contexts. In a trend that PSFK is calling ‘Tech-Enabled Service,’ they have noticed that retailers are leveraging digital technologies as a way to instantly connect customers with members of store staff. These tools extend beyond the confines of a physical store and into online and mobile as well, to make customers feel seamlessly supported throughout their purchase experience. (PSFK)

As a retailer, you may be wondering how you can strive in our highly digitized world. The best-in-class retailers are seeking new strategies to embrace ecommerce and to stimulate consumers in meaningful and different ways. Strategies include differentiating with experiences that compel shoppers to think beyond their devices, offering uniquely tailored relationships with customers across all touch points and leveraging online and mobile technologies to drive traffic in-store. (Luxury Daily)

Did you know that the fashion industry is the third most polluting industry on earth after oil and agriculture? Most clothes we wear contain toxic additives that are conventionally used to grow our cotton. A new initiative devised by Cradle to Cradle Products Innovative Institute hopes to improve the production of clothes, making them more eco-friendly, and inspire other leaders of the fashion world to reinvent the future of fashion.

Leading the next generation of customer experience does not begin with technology, or with channels. It starts with people! Although most would agree that consumers are at the core of retail, there seems to be a disconnect between intention and action. Retailers are advised to transform the customer’s experience and to create lifetime connections with customers if they want jump ahead of their competitors. (Brian Solis)

Photo Source: PSFK