Evolving With the Times

Why Your ERP is No Longer a Cost of Doing Business



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Historically, traditional retail ERP systems were monolithic and perceived as a necessary cost of doing business. Rapid changes in technology and business strategy have led to a digital transformation in recent years, with nimble merchandising platforms replacing the legacy systems. Retail industry experts and analysts agree that a solid foundational platform is a critical value driver for the business, rather than simply an operating cost.

However, many retailers make the mistake of prioritizing technology projects that promise quick wins, such as implementing AI/ML point solutions, before replacing their ERP system and modernizing their foundational data strategy. These projects often fall short of delivering the anticipated return on investment, because the effectiveness of even the best tools depends entirely on the accuracy and consistency of the information they receive from the core merchandising system.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Signs that your business is being held back by your current ERP system
  • Capabilities and value drivers of modern merchandising platforms
  • Case studies of retailers who have successfully replaced legacy ERP systems
  • Overview of the Mi9 Retail Merchandising Platform


Adil Ladhani
Director, Product Strategy

Leigh Ann Murgi
Director, Presales

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