Who is this document for?

This case study is written for professionals in retail and wholesale organizations who are involved with retail technology solutions, particularly in the area of promotions. This may include marketing, senior executives, information technology, merchants, finance, and more.

What will I learn about?

In today’s shifting retail landscape, modern retailers must stay on top of their sales promotions strategy all year round if they wish to keep their price-sensitive shoppers satisfied. By managing all types of promotions across all channels in a centralized system, companies now have the capability to coordinate promotions across all departments involved in the process, from merchandising to marketing and advertising.

In this Mi9 Retail guide, you will learn:

  • how to choose the right promotion management system for your business
  • how to use customer insights for more effective promotions
  • best practices for measuring the effectiveness of promotions
  • and much more.
The Ultimate Guide to Planning and Executing Flawless Retail Promotions