IRCE 2017

Mi9 Retail exhibited for the first time at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) 2017, which was held on June 6-9 in Chicago. A diverse set of 600 vendors, ranging from software companies and packaging firms to payment processors and IT consultants were active at the event, which also hosted industry experts giving speeches about trending topics.

There was lots of great discussion in our booth and on the show floor! Some of the trends that attendees were most excited about include:

Replatforming for Performance

Retailers may fail to keep pace with the competition because their current e-commerce software cannot be upgraded: they need scalable platforms with no third-party integrations required.

Omnichannel and Operational Efficiency

Judging from our conversations at IRCE, retailers would not consider upgrading to a platform if it did not answer their omnichannel needs in an efficient manner.

Meaningful Content

Attendees repeatedly asked for relevant content and products tailored to their specific needs. The days of writing content purely for SEO are gone: articles need to be fresh, interesting, and relevant to resonate with the intended audience.

The Growth of B2B e-Commerce

The days where D2C was a retailer’s main focus are long gone, as customers’ expectations for B2B e-commerce keep increasing. By diversifying their target clientele to include B2B, retailers can protect themselves from market fluctuations.

Artificial Intelligence

AI was a popular topic at IRCE 2017. Chatbots, in particular, are gaining in popularity, and most customers were enthusiastic about adding that feature to their website.

The Mi9 Retail team introduced our B2B and D2C e-commerce platforms to prospects and journalists, and further expanded on the concept of creating meaningful customer experiences. Mi9 Retail head of omni-channel solutions and industry expert, Neal Kaiser, attended the event and actively shared his knowledge with attendees. Our beautifully designed booth with a white brick backdrop echoed our vision of rebuilding retail perfectly, and the booth was busy during the whole expo.

Thanks to all of you who dropped by the booth! We were thrilled to meet you and hope to speak again soon!