MIAMI, FLORIDA September 24, 2018 – Mi9 Retail, a leading provider of omni-channel retail solutions, is pleased to announce that Tipsy Elves has gone live on Mi9 e-Commerce.

Tipsy Elves is a holiday-themed apparel company. It sells holiday sweaters and other holiday-themed items through its website and other online vendors.

As Tipsy Elves considered their strategy for the 2018 Holiday Season, they saw the current Magento site as a major roadblock toward new growth and happy customers. As such, launching before Holiday Season was key. “Running a successful seasonal business doesn’t come without challenges. However, unlike other software providers, Mi9 Retail immediately understood how high the stakes were for us, and they did everything in their power to meet our deadline and stick to our budget,” said Evan Mendelsohn, Co-Founder at Tipsy Elves. “Not only did the implementation process go smoothly, but the entire process also took less than 6 months – we couldn’t be more impressed.”

Mi9 e-Commerce will provide the robust e-commerce platform Tipsy Elves needs to support peak traffic during major sales events without experiencing downtime, all while providing the top-notch customer experience today’s customers demand before, during, and after their purchases. In fact, one of the new features Tipsy Elves is the most excited about includes a highly-sophisticated order tracking page that will provide proactive delivery status updates with engaging displays to improve the post-purchase experience.

“Thanks to our best-of-breed e-commerce solution, Tipsy Elves will be able to improve the user experience and increase conversion rates all year round, building a more loyal customer base as a result,” said Neil Moses, CEO of Mi9 Retail. “We’re pleased to have successfully completed the implementation of their e-commerce platform and are even more excited to see how our modern technology will enable them to achieve new levels of success.”

About Tipsy Elves

At Tipsy Elves our mission is simple: We make the most outrageous clothes known to mankind in order to make your life more fun. Sounds like a big undertaking, but we’ve been doing it one legendary collection at a time. Along the way we’ve reinvented ugly Christmas sweaters, launched a patriotic collection that Honest Abe would honestly love, and engineered ski suits so bright the sun won’t stare directly at them.  Visit to learn more.

About Mi9 Retail

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