Successful retailers know that they need to engage customers through “omni-channel” in order to survive and compete in today’s retail market. The most profitable customers are people who shop both online and offline channels. So why aren’t all retailers implementing omni-channel strategies? According to Jason Goldberg of Razorfish, many retailers don’t have the two essential ingredients in place. The first is that employees will only promote omni-channel if they know where all the inventory is and get rewarded when shoppers purchase via the different channels. Retailers need to have an enterprise view of inventory. The second ingredient is that retailers need to have functional attribution models that encourage omni-channel behavior. (Mediapost)

“Department store brands are finding that investing in personalized e-commerce can lead to more transactions and turn shoppers into big spenders. Research shows shoppers who interact with a store digitally and physically during a single transaction are likely to spend two to four times as much money as those who interact with just one of the brands’ channels.” However only 7% of retailers have the technology to recognize consumers across different devices and channels on all occasions, and more than half completely lack the ability to do so. (L2’s The Daily)

42% of customers say they expect a response from companies on social media within an hour. 50% of respondents say the phone is their preferred method for contacting companies with customer service issues or inquiries. Consumers were polled on their expectations and experiences with customer service problems and inquiries. The entire report from Northridge Group on The State of Customer Service in 2015 can be downloaded here. (Marketing Profs)

According to a recent study, digital is the top channel used for inspiration/researching luxury goods. When affluent shoppers do research on luxury products digitally, PCs are their preferred choice of research. About two-thirds of affluent shoppers research luxury products or prices via computer. Affluent shoppers are also slightly more interested in seeing ads if it means getting rewarded according to Experian Marketing Services. (eMarketer)