Anese Cavanaugh, the author of Contagious Culture, illustrates 3 Ways to Have Your Customers at “Hello” and Build Long Lasting Relationships. Being fully present with customers and always being honest with them will lead to more meaningful connections and repeat business. (Inc.)

Micah Solomon, is a customer service speaker, customer experience consultant, and bestselling business author, most recently of High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service, suggests 24 ways to dramatically boost customer service. Through a compilation of articles, Micah gives tips on everything from selecting the right employees to responding to customer inquiries in order to improve customer service. (Forbes)

Tammy Smulders of SCB Partners and Havas LuxHub outlines the key trends that will shape the luxury retail space over the next three to five years, and the implications for research. One example is the opportunity for readers to shop directly from magazine editorial which could change the luxury online retail landscape. Another interesting find is that 55% of luxury goods purchases in the UK and 60% of luxury goods purchases in France are made by international visitors. Researchers can use mobile apps for quant and qual to capture shoppers on the move, and ensure research is properly targeted and respondents are screened to capture their nationality. (research.)

According to Forrester Research, a significant portion of the world’s luxury retail sales — about 30% representing 47 billion euros — occurs in Europe, with most coming from Italy, France and the United Kingdom. The majority of these sales still occur in physical retail stores, but over the next five years, online sales in the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Sweden will skyrocket, with a predicted growth rate four times the entire luxury goods market. Retailers, therefore need to rethink how online sales should work and Matt Dion explains how. (Luxury Daily)

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