Retailers are missing out on opportunities to connect mobile with physical stores by leaving out WiFi within store locations. Less than 50% of stores have wireless Internet available, according to a report from RSR. Out of the retailers polled, only 17% have introduced a mobile point of sales system, which can offer employees more freedom to assist customers and complete sales. (Luxury Daily)

Wifi isn’t the only important in-store technology. Beacons are by far the most talked about in-store technology, though they also carry a low consumer awareness regarding their technology and benefits—70% of consumers don’t know the definition of an in-store beacon. Shoppers list price barcode scanners as the most helpful in-store technology. More than 75% of shoppers say they would not shop at a store that employed facial recognition technology for marketing purposes. 98% of Millennials do not want to be texted by retailers about promotions. Shoppers between the ages of 18 and 50 say they prefer to receive promotions via email. (

80% of major purchases start online and end in-store according to Synchrony Financial’s “Fourth Annual Major Purchase Consumer Study”. The study looked at major purchases across 13 categories ranging from appliances and jewelry to home improvement and sports equipment. The journey to making a purchase included about 68 days of research. But in-store remains an important part of the process, as 73% of shoppers conduct research during their visit and 87% of shoppers purchase in person at a physical store. As many as 64% said in-store visits had a greater influence on their purchasing decision than online research. (Fierce Retail)

Cloud is no longer a differentiator; however, not being on it would be a significant disadvantage. 68% of business units or departments have adopted cloud. 77% of them said that cloud has given them a competitive advantage. 72% said cloud has increased business agility, 40% said that cloud has contributed to increased revenue and 36% said that cloud has contributed to increased profit margins. The HBR Analytic Services Cloud Report can be downloaded here. (

Feature Photo Source: Miguel Angel